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VRA contracted to deliver SPIKE LR2 Missiles and Training in support of L400-2 & 3

25th October 2022
By Ben Walter

VRA contracted to deliver SPIKE LR2 Missiles and Training in support of L400-2 & 3.

VARLEY RAFAEL AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd (VRA), a joint venture between the Varley Group and RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd (RAFAEL), are contracted by the Commonwealth to deliver a quantity of SPIKE LR2 missile to enable integration and acceptance testing for LAND400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle and the preferred LAND400 Phase 3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

VRAs contract includes the provision of SPIKE LR2 Mechanical and Outdoor Training rounds and delivery of user training. VRA is also in contract with the Commonwealth to support the Technical Certification of the SPIKE LR2 missile, to enable its Introduction into Service with the ADF.

Ben Walter, newly appointed CEO of VRA stated “this is a major milestone on our proposed roadmap to establish SPIKE missile manufacturing capability right here in Australia. Our proposal to Defence includes manufacturing of inert components and integration, rocket propulsion and warhead systems, hot integration and associated storage requirements. It aims to facilitate the production and support capabilities of our industry partners and local supply chain, and will result in the creation of new high-technology jobs and the upskilling of Australian personnel. In this current political environment, a local manufacturing capability would deliver the category-superior, 5th generation SPIKE LR2 missile into service faster than extant acquisition approaches”.

Ben Walter, Chief Executive Officer, VARLEY RAFAEL AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd (VRA)

Contact: info@vrasystems.com.au

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